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Product Portfolio

We are recognized for our ability to supply an extensive range of world-class metal forgings, we offer engineering extensive solutions for customers product design requirements providing a line of high-performance products that leverage current in-depth knowledge on best available material, techniques and delivery system resources. We specialize in alloy forgings, steel forgings, stainless steel forging, carbon steel forging and custom forging of other, our presence in this area of business had made us realize that “we have to serve well in order to lead”. We always place our “valued customer” in the forefront of all our activities, as they are our guiding posts in all our endeavors so that we achieves our goal. We are determined to keep customer satisfactions and goodwill as our business in our assets list. We accept all small, large and regular orders and are interested in developing your products as per your specific requirements.
The strategic moves we enforce, helps the company to expands its market and at the same time helps improves the company’s performance in various areas through enhanced know-how, advanced production facilities and methods. With its reputation for quality and service, Alka forging offers rapid turnaround of product orders while remaining firm on its commitment to quality. Our ability to offer customers quick turnaround in new product development is what sets this company apart from the competition. The company’s prospects are seen as most healthy and promising and its expansion plans most feasible, as the company already enjoys high levels of recognition and is well under way in the achievement of its future goals.

With the incorporation of latest technology coupled with the team of skilled workforce we manufacture and export a wide range of Industrial Metal Forgings. These are fabricated with the use of components of premium quality like high quality alloy and steel. The range of products offered by us includes:

Product Category Products

Industrial Metal Forgings

  • Hollow Tubes

  • Hydro Turbine Shafts

  • Rectangular Blocks

  • Gears & Steel Shafts

  • Cross Heads

  • Hydraulic Couplings & Stuffing Boxes

  • Windmill Products

  • Non Standard Forging

  • Gears & Gear Rings

  • Forged Rounds

  • Forged Flangs

  • Gear Couplings

  • Pinions & Piston Rod

  • Industrial Gear Rings

The products offered by us are popular among clients not only in the nation but also in countries beyond borders. Our products have following features:

  • Robust construction
  • Dimensionally accurate
  • Require less power
  • Easy to use and maintain